The Shemitah year of 5782 is coming to an end. Under the laws of Shemitahs Kesofim all existing debts will be nullified after Rosh Hashana 5783.

Since the laws of Shemitahs Kesofim (after the first exile) are Rabbinic, Hillel Hazokon enacted the Pruzbul document. Through this document the creditor transfers all debts to the Beth Din. This allows the creditor to collect his debts after Rosh Hashana in a normal fashion. Therefore everyone that has outstanding debts should complete a Pruzbul document.

To assist all those who will be unable to come in front of a Beth Din, the Beth Din of Montreal will convene a special session to receive your Pruzbul, submitted on our website or via e-mail.


Pruzbul In Person:

Anyone who is able, should present them-self in front of a Beth Din of three observant men and complete a Pruzbul document which can be found here, in the newsflash or in Shuls across Montreal. This is usually performed in Shul on Erev Rosh Hashana at the time of Hatoras Nedorim.