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Corey Fleischer Erases Hate.
Corey Fleischer is a Montreal-based power-washer and graffiti removal specialist who dedicates much of his free time to removing hate symbols and hate speech from public and private properties.
Chanukah: Integrity, Courage and Bravery
Long before anyone ever heard about the feminist movement, there were strong, courageous and determined women who did what they had to do regardless of how they were viewed in terms of their gender.
Our Friend at all costs
On May 5th, 2011, Souhail Ftouh woke up, ate a quick breakfast, grabbed his briefcase, and walked out his front door. The Tunisian sun was beating down as he made his way toward the car. Two men were waiting there.
Rabbi Saul Emanuel
Rabbi Saul Emanuel and other members of the JCC recently attended the CIJA Words and Deeds Leadership Award dinner held at the palais des congres.